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(We especially enjoy these. See the Coban Buffet on the custom page for an example).

Each step in our process, from the inception of a design to the final stages of construction, is completed in-house (with the exception of an occasional trip out to our favorite metal fabrication studios). Designing and building beautifully crafted furnishings is what we love to do, and we wouldn't want to miss out on any of the fun!

The designs within our collection tend to be structurally driven and detail oriented with an attempt to bring out the natural beauty of the materials with which they are constructed. We use only the highest quality hardwoods and other materials, handcrafting them with joinery which contributes to the beauty of each piece while responding to traditional woodworking techniques.
GITANE workshop
Gitane Workshop is a Denver-based furniture studio founded by Scott Friedman. With backgrounds in architecture, industrial design, construction and furniture design, we approach the design and fabrication of each piece with a love of the "built" environment, the materials we use and the design process. We pride ourselves in creating heirloom quality furniture of distinctive authenticity and exceptional craftsmanship.

We offer a full collection of unique, contemporary furniture as well as custom design and fabrication services for residential and commercial clients. If you like the designs you see in our collection but don't find exactly what you are looking for, just give us a call. We will be happy to work with you on a design which will work perfectly for your space. We are also happy to work with you on custom designs outside of the common furniture types, such as built-in constructs and pieces incorporating reused or found objects and materials
Furniture & Cabinetmaking put together a much appreciated feature story which offers a closer look into Gitane designer Scott Friedman. Click on the cover to see the interview.

. . . "Although he’s had a formal education in architecture which included a lot of artistic drawing and sculpture, it seems that he has the
intrinsic and overriding instinct that’s often channelled through the hands of a born craftsman." . . .