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Meridian 105 is a professional architecture and design studio based in Denver, Co. Founded by Chad Mitchell, the firm pursues projects with a bold vision, putting forward dynamic architectural solultions that exploit the latest in building and manufacturing technology. This is the firm's mission. - Chad Mitchell
We are a group of designers and craftspeople, as well as skilled laborers. At Tanner Goods, we strive to create modern products that respect the past. Our philosophy combines a design-minded approach with a deep commitment to crafting items by hand.
Colby June is a jewelry designer who lives at the base of majestic Mt. Sopris, just outside Aspen, where she grew up. From a young age, world travel and a connection to "the tiny details in nature" have always been core to Colby June, so it's no surprise both strongly inform her aesthetic. - Colby June
Our Philadelphia-based company designs and manufactures environmentally- attuned products that enable the creation of unique garden environments. The products respond to ecological imperatives, are aesthetically modern, and tailored to work as modular systems.
PCS Group, a community planning, urban design and landscape architectural firm that specializes in residential and commercial design, was established in 2002.
NAKA Designs, LLC (the word Naka is the name of a Kanji character meaning interior; or the place-within) is an architectural and interior design firm in Denver formed in 2007 by former members of a large architectural practice who had been working together on alpine village, ranch stewardship and luxury residential design.
Fahrenheit Collective, founded in Denver by John Wenner in 2006, produces modern, innovative custom metal fabrication projects. Drawing upon years of experience and breadth of knowledge in metal fabrication techniques, Fahrenheit offers artfully designed and executed home and commercial furnishings for clients. - John Wenner
Colby June
Fahrenheit Collective
K.I.D is simple, it‘s short for Keasler Interior Design. This is the spot where I collect my favorite things. K.I.D. is also a fresh approach to design, a newer way of thinking. It’s a place where necessities such as food, clothing and shelter are not taken for granted, instead they are showcased. - Casey Keasler