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A beer tasting sample flight which is everything a flight should be. The top level is raised slightly above the bottom which allows a laminated card to be slipped in between. The card serves two purposes. First it protects the wood surface, which would normally deteriorate over time. Second it identifies the brand and or type of beer located in each hole. Simply write the name and any other identifying information of the brew with a dry erase marker on each circle. No more guessing which beer is which. They are great for home use but even better for breweries and restaurants.

We designed these in collaboration with several micro breweries here in Colorado. The flight is intended to be carried along the length of the inside of the forearm with one end backed up against the bicep and the other in the palm of the hand. Due to the shaping along each side it is easily grasped by hands of any size. The ability to carry this flight with one hand leaves the other free for another flight, menu's or whatever.

Most of the flights shown here have 10 holes which are 2" in diameter (the 4th thumbnail image has 7) but feel free to place an order for flights with any number and/or size of holes. The smaller the flight is the less it will cost and of course there are significant price breaks for greater quantities ordered.

The dark wood is walnut and the light wood is Poplar but feel free to order whatever wood species you prefer. The price listed is for the Poplar version. Contact us for information on costs for other wood species and customization.

One laminated card comes with each flight. We can also provide the cards electronic drawing file for easy customization such as adding your breweries logo's etc.

22" x 4.5" x 1.56" (shorter version: 17" x 4.5" x 1.56")
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Cost: $85 (price reductions available if ordering in quantities)