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Inspired by the interplay between the organic and geometric qualities of the castillo's and fortress walls of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, the San Juan dining table is simple, unique and timeless.

A single solid slab of black walnut was cut diagonally and glued back together to create the 80" diameter table top. It's edge is cut at a subtle angle in response to the prismatic shape of the base. Four 8" x 8" solid walnut timbers or "cants" are used to create the vertical elements of the base which are held apart by and interlocked with tapered legs.

Laser cut steel is used for both creating unique and durable connections between wood members and as an accent material. While the steel components are not highly visible they can be ordered in whatever color works best with your space.

30" high x 80" diameter (Customization of dimensions is available upon request. As shown this table seats 8 - 9 people.)

Cost: $12,000 (As shown. Varies significantly by wood species and size. Call for specific pricing)
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